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Where you should keep your life insurance papers?
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In today's post we will discuss a very important topic.many of the policy holders purchase life insurance policies with great dedication and enthusiasm.However soon they forget about it.

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میرا دوست-آپکا دوست
-هم سب کا دوست
 State Life هما را
When finally the life insurance contract reaches your hands please study it thoroughly. 
Apparently it looks if the  life insurance adviser's work has finished.However this is for away from truth.His work has not finished yet.Infect his real work starts now.
The life insurance contract issued by the State Life Insurance  Corporation of Pakistan is commonly known as the "POLICY BOND".This policy bond is a very precious should always be in safe hands and at a safe place.You or your loved ones may need it any time.
 Special arrticle written by your life insurance analyst.
What does "HORSE TRADING MEAN"? source

What is "HORSE TRADING"? What does it mean?

Horse Trading Knowledge For Sale. Update your knowledge now.
Horse Trading is a very common word. It is mostly used in business, political circles, and electronic and print media. However,few of us know the real meanings and theme of this word.
                                     Are you one of those?
You are lucky if you are.Otherwise you need to update your knowledge.Please feel comfortable and ask your life insurance analyts now. 
In today’s post Ikram ul Haq Mirza,your life insurance analyst has offered to share the knowledge with the visitors in exchange  for a life insurance policy of sum assured ONE Million only.
It is only going to cost PKR.50 thousand (approximately) per year for 20 years.(Few terms and conditions apply.) Apparently the cost looks too much. But it’s not so.The benefits of the policy are enormous as compared with the cost.
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ا    همارا  STATE LIFE Exlpore Pakistan!ایک غمزده گهر کا بهترین سهارا

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Ikram Ul Haq Mirza
Your Life Insurance Analyst

What is horse trading? Does it mean the “Auction of Horses? Or the “Trading of Horses”? What infect “HORSE TRADING IS”? Does it mean the exchange of horses with money? Is "LOOTA CRACY"or "LOOTA ISM " an urdu translation of horse trading.Is here any horse trading rule or formula? If yes. Then what it is? How it is applied?
Learn tie real theme and secret of horse trading and much more.
What you need to do to get this knowledge?
Give me (IKRAM) a call now. (very simple)You can also send a message.
Arrange a meeting. I am in Lahore.
Get ready to write your life Insurance policy worth One Million to financially protect and secure your loved ones.
Sign the proposal form.
Fix an impression of thumb on the proposal form.
Two photo copies of your CNIC with thumb impression and signature.
Feel the excitement of writing your own life insurance policy.
Write a cross cheque in favor of State Life Insurance Corporation.
Get a receipt.
It will only take you few minutes.However if you want to feel the excitement of writing your policy you may take few more.
Congratulations. Heartiest congratulations. You are done. Now you are ready to exchange the knowledge. 

Just give me (IKRAM) a call now. 
03234969112 Lahore--- Pakistan
I am a click or two away from you.
You may even skype and confirm an appointment.
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You may please contact the way you feel more comfortable.
Is this way of sharing knowledge “Horse Trading”?
I assure you not.
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Why Geo State Life Is On Line

The question of the day.
What is "horse trading"?Learn the real secret and update your knowledge now.

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life insurance policies with some description of each plan.The message of State life is very loud.The message is very clear and we are determined to provide live Insurance Cover to every citizen of Pakistan irrespective of caste,creed language and religion.To read more please click,click and click but do not hesitate to contact us.

 Plan TODAY for a better  TOMORROW.We are dedicated and enthusiastic to assist you in your financial security of tomorrow. Contact Us and learn the secrets

Life Insurance but why?

Now a days the life is very busy.It is very unpredictive.So now life insurance policy is a need..It has  now become a necessity and basic  requirement of every family.To have insurance policy of adequate amount is the call of the day.But how much insurance is appropriate and which type of policy you need,it all depends upon your life style.However, the golden rule is that you must spend one months income once in a year to pay the cost of peace of mind,and the sense of security.

In many countries of the world the life insurance is not bought but it is sold.But in Pakistan the trend is quite reverse.Now people love to get insurance cover.Now the trustworthy name of State Life is not new for most of the the Pakistanis.

State Life is pleased when ever a new policy is issued.It's mission is to provide life insurance cover to each and every family of Pakistan.You only need to provide us following informations.let us analyze your needs and requirements and suggest a suitable plan of adequate amount.

Your name:

Your age:

Your monthly income

you contact no.and the best time to contact you.

How much you would like to spend once in a year to protect and provide enough security to your loved ones?The golden rule is you must spend one month's income once in  year to provide a "NAYA JEEVAN" to all those whom you love the most.However, many life insurance experts are of the view that you must pay as premium three times of what you earn in a month once in a year.Only then and then your dependents will be some how able to main their life style.
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Assist your your family now.Help them in starting life after life.Save enough money for the old age.Plan today for a better tomorrow.
By Marki H Meer